OK0EPB - 7 039,4 kHz

e-mail: ok0epb@ok0epb.cz

Transmiting schedule(Edit)

Beacon is transmiting 100 ms dots every seconds, without transmiting call, foF2 frequency and number of UTC - this is 12 WPM CW. In full minute transmit dash after five dots.

.........OK0EPB.........foF2...........UTC HHMM       .....-
    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |
    5    10        20        30        40        50        60 sec

foF2 frequency(Edit)

As the ionospheric F layer is playing most important role in shortwave propagation, critical frequency of its higher part, f0F2 as main parameter was choosed for sending by OK0EPB beacon (roughly half minute after time signal)..

The F layer (or better F region), also known as the Appleton layer extends from about 200 km to more than 500 km above the surface of Earth. It is the densest point of the ionosphere, which implies signals penetrating this layer will escape into space. At higher altitudes the amount of oxygen ions decreases and lighter ions such as hydrogen and helium become dominant, this layer is the topside ionosphere. Here extreme ultraviolet (UV, 10–100 nm) solar radiation ionizes atomic oxygen.

The F layer consists of one layer at night, but during the day, a deformation often forms in the profile that is labelled F1. The F2 layer remains by day and night responsible for most skywave propagation of radio waves, facilitating high frequency (HF, or shortwave) radio communications over long distances see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ionosphere

In our case f0F2 measurements from station Průhonice near Prague are used http://digisonda.ufa.cas.cz not only because this ionosonde is close to the beacon QTH, but also for high quality and reliability of measurements. They are made every 15 minutes, f0F2 in MHz is ready for sending after 6 minutes of processing, therefore message sent by OK0EPB is changing every sixth, twenty-first, thirty-sixth and fifty-first minute of every hour.

Critical frequency f0F2 value use:

  • Below f0F2 we have just dead zone in Central Europe.
  • Multiply f0F2 by M factor we can obtain Maximum Usable Frequency = MUF. For higher frequencies than MUF radiowaves over Central European region are not returned back to Earth, therefore higher bands are closed. Usual value of M factor is near 3. For example - by f0F2 over 9 MHz is good chance of 10 meter band opening.

.foF2 log

foF2 other source


Pendulum is enclosed in a vacuum chamber (by www.vakuum.cz) to avoid the impact of changes in atmospheric pressure. Infra red sensor detected position of pendulum. Moments when pendulum passes middle position are registered by the software, which also generates driving pulses for the coil and beacon keying.


System status(Edit)

Phase (deviation pendulum running within one second) week month.

Link detailed status .

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2015-07-02 - Change on the beacon OK0EPB(Edit)

OK0EPB (Exact Pendulum Beqcon, http://ok0epb.nagano.cz/) transmits the exact time (UTC), generated by very precise pendulum clocks (constructed by Franta, OK1DF)

on the frequency 7039.4 kHz, and in addition, the latest value of critical frequency (f0F2), usually received from the ionospheric sounder in Pruhonice near Prague (http://digisonda.ufa.cas.cz/, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic). But it has been since June 2 at fault and was chosen as a replacement ionospheric sounder of the Centre de Physique du Globe de Dourbes, Belgium (http://digisonde.oma.be/). OK0EPB, software, whose author is Dan, OK1HRA, was reprogrammed by Franta, OK1HH and OK0EPB sends a little different figure f0F2 since July 1. After the repair will be returned the source of data to Průhonice, while sounder in Dourbes will remain as a backup.


2015-02-08 - new PA(Edit)

2012-12-28 - Antenne repair(Edit)

Our aerial was repaired after roof reconstruction by OK1CW - VY TNX, DR Vlada !!!

2012-09-02 - Change time schedule(Edit)

Original 2schedule update to hour in UTC time and change position other transmit information.

2012-08-14 - Earthquake(Edit)

in sea of Okhotsk (49.784°N, 145.126°E) with magnitude 7,7

Seismogram from Prague

Pendulum deviation

2011-12-21 - Dependence frequency error on air pressure(Edit)

between 15 and 21 Dec 2011 (when the pendulum has not yet been placed in a vacuum chamber)

The Pendulum Squadron(Edit)

  • Frantisek OK1DF - Founder and the mastermind
  • Petr ex OK1IRG - Software developer
  • Jan OK2ZAW - Beacon hardware
  • Peter G3PLX - Invaluable assistance
  • Dan OK1HRA - IT & webmaster
  • Vlada OK1CW - antenne system
  • Frantisek OK1HH - beacon coordinator, propagation forecaster (foF2)
  • Tom OK1URT - wire and connectors expert